I want to give talented people - people who otherwise might not have access to the right resources - all the support I can to help them realize their true potential.

Our competitive edge is 100% focused on ROI. We track every dollar and cent that goes into marketing for our clients and ultimately prove to them that what we're doing works.

People aren't taking enough risks. That conservative approach of, "Well, let's wait until this happens before we try something else"? A lot of times, what I see is that some of the most successful people are those who have the nerve to take risks and try something new.

Because inSegment is a boutique agency, we're not trying to grow at an unreasonable pace. We want to do exceptional work for our clients, and we want them to stay with us forever -- that's our goal.

The guiding principle in digital marketing has always been "evolve and change."

The rules of the [digital marketing] game continue to change. And if you don't change and adapt with them, you'll get left behind.

Often, entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses are confident they can do everything themselves. And although a lot of initial elements can be done independently, it's critical to engage the right partner at the right time in order to harness the latest innovative marketing techniques that only those in the business know.

Marketing automation is transforming digital marketing by turning SEO and CRO into more precise and effective fields in the process.